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Registration of jail inmates in NIOS in Secondary and Senior Secondary courses

Nios has removed barriers in education of Jail Inmates. Nios is presently having Study Centres (AAs, AIs, & AVIs) in Jails of India also. It is observed that more number of jail inmates want to join NIOS Secondary and Senior Secondary courses but because of their poor financial conditions, they were unable to do so.

Accordingly, NIOS Offers the courses to jail inmates free of cost. This would enable them join NIOS courses for getting themselves educated. Also, if they are provided quality education during their stay in jails, it would certainly help them in earning their livelihood and bringing them into the mainstream of society after they are released from jails.

Registration of Jail Inmates in Secondary and Senior Secondary courses in NIOS can be done only through Jails accredited by NIOS.

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