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About OBE programme:

The Open Basic Education (OBE) programme was initiated in June 1994, to provide primary and upper primary education to adult neo-literates. It is an equivalency programme and provides three tier education under OBE. Also, in the year 2000 the programme was extended to cover children between 6 to 14 years age group. It has been recognized by government of India as equivalent to formal school, for purpose of further education and employment (link of gazette of GOI circular).

NIOS has Special provisions for children and adults with disabilities (details in prospectus)

Target group

Children (6-14 years)

Any interested child, School dropouts, left-outs from Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan & Children with special needs

Adolescents & Adults (Above 14 years)

Any interested adult, School dropouts, Neo-literates, Qualified candidates of Basic Education Literacy Assessment of NLMA and adult with special needs

Levels of OBE Programme

  • Level A

    Equivalent to class 3

  • Level B

    Equivalent to class 5

  • Level C

    Equivalent to class 8