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Dear Learners of Senior Secondary Course (Class 12th),

Kindly note that there should be minimum two year gap between passing 10th and passing 12th class hence, it is the responsibility of the learners (who have passed class 10th in Oct 2021 or April 2022 and are registered to appear in class 12th) to submit the exam fee for not more than 4 subjects for the public exams for Senior Secondary courses to be held in April-May 2023 session. Result of the learners who submit the fee for more then 4 subjects will not be declared if the mandatory gap of two years as mentioned above is not completed. For details, you may refer the Prospectus available on the website.
(1) Examination Fee Rs. 250/- per subject (Theory)
(2) Additional fee for Practicals in subjects having both theory and practicals Rs. 120/- per subject
(3) Note: Additional Rs. 50/- will be charged for each transaction